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About DMYReports
A dynamic report generator for MySQL, enabling end users to generate ad hock reports on the fly using web based interfaces.

The users can select the required tables, fields and set conditions for generating the reports, these generated reports can then be exported to other formats.

Version 0.3 - 18/10/2007
  • The application is fully compatible with Firefox, IE and Opera.
  • The excel export generates a formatted report.
  • An error generated when report conditions are modified have been corrected
  • If a table is deleted which is required for generating a report, a meaningful error message is now generated.
  • If only one table is specified in the config file, the select table screen will be skipped.
  • If an invalid table name is specified in the config file, "Table not found" error will be displayed.
  • The User Interface has been redesigned to make the application more user friendly.
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